Online Restaurants Are Increasingly Common...And You Can Be One Too!

category: News posted: April 05, 2017
Online Restaurants Are Increasingly Common...And You Can Be One Too!

If there’s one industry that has really been revolutionized by online ordering, it’s the food industry. Once a major chore, ordering food for delivery no longer requires an awkward conversation via phone, followed by a very awkward search for change for the driver. Online ordering platforms have made it easy to order food without having to punch in phone numbers or worry about giving your credit card number to a sketchy delivery driver.

Because so many people prefer ordering takeout via online means, many restaurants are beginning to do away with actual dining areas to focus on orders that can be filled via delivery. There are a number of reasons why restaurants are doing this. Here are three of the biggest reasons.

  1. It saves space. Rent is expensive in most major cities. As a result, it’s not always possible to have an expansive eating area. By making a point of keeping customers at home, entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about things like restaurant seating or other similar issues.
  2. It also saves a lot of money. Along with lower costs for renting places, online restaurants also tend to require less overhead in terms of hiring waiters and busboys. Since there’s less cleanup to do, they also spend less money on water.
  3. Lastly, online restaurant ordering takes out guesswork and major worries about image. If you’re ordering online, you aren’t going to care if the person preparing your meal looks fashionable. It’s also easier to refer to orders, which means there’s less chance for error.

It’s never been easier to run an online restaurant, thanks to the technology that can be found in the right POS terminal. Clover terminals, for example, allow you to create an e-commerce platform without needing a programmer to work on it. It also will allow you to accept payments, schedule deliveries, issue refunds, and even keep track of metrics on which dishes tend to be the most popular.

Realistically, all you’d need to do is team up with a local delivery service and you’d be good to go using a Clover terminal loaded with apps. Moreover, many restaurants are also using these tools for online ordering and in-person pickups. So, there’s definitely more than one way to win in the online ordering game.

Getting on track for your own online restaurant begins with the right ideas, the right recipes, and the right tools. Call Red Payments, and we can put you in touch with professionals who have the right tools for your restaurant.