5 Reasons That You Should Upgrade To Clover

category: News posted: May 10, 2017
5 Reasons That You Should Upgrade To Clover

When it comes to merchant processing services, most business owners absolutely wince at the thought of having to even discuss the topic. In fact, many even will go so far as to skip out on calls from merchant services groups, simply because it often appears like such a dull, drab, or even useless conversation.

The fact is, though, that the credit card reader that you choose makes a huge difference in your customer experience. It’s worth an investment – and smart business owners know that, and look for the best terminal they can get. If you want to get the most out of your merchant processing terminal, then upgrade to a Clover terminal. Here are five reasons Clover terminals are the best option for any business.

  1. Clover is known for being secure. A Clover POS terminal is the easiest way to show your clients that you care about their safety. Clover terminals have gotten top ratings from cybersecurity groups, which means your chances of having a data breach are way lower when you have Clover in your store.
  2. They are fast. Most chip-ready terminals aren’t fast. In fact, the introduction of EMV chip reading technology sparked a huge number of complaints among shoppers about the speed of actually checking out. No one wants to deal with a slow terminal, and studies show that having a slow terminal can actually impact your business for the worse. Clover terminals are EMV-ready and still are lightning fast. So, line waiting times decrease and customer satisfaction increases.
  3. Clover terminals also are as big or small as you want them to be. There’s a terminal of literally every size in the Clover arsenal. Some are handheld mobile devices. Others are stationary terminals that await at the checkout line in your store. You never have to worry about dealing with a terminal that’s too big or too small.
  4. Each Clover terminal also allows you to tailor it to your needs. Clover terminals come with add-on app options that turn a POS into a fully running, customized business station. You can clock in employees, start your own loyalty program, and even run games from the terminal. If you’re looking for a fully functional terminal that goes beyond just having merchant processing services, Clover is your best option.
  5. Lastly, they are affordable. Though Clover terminals are the best that money can buy, they aren’t the most expensive.

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