Can You Be A Victim Of Mobile Ordering Success?

category: News posted: May 19, 2017
Can You Be A Victim Of Mobile Ordering Success?

Starbucks fans may already know about the mobile ordering app that the famous coffee company had designed and issued out in recent years. It’s become a favorite of interns doing coffee runs, people who want to skip the wait, and people who just really enjoy mobile apps. However, in many metropolitan Starbucks locations, it seems like the mobile app is becoming a bit of an issue.

Well, primarily, it’s become a problem to the people who run Starbucks locations because the app itself has become too popular at peak hours. Nowadays, app users are noticing that the overall Starbucks production line seems to be struggling with being able to whip up enough Frappucinos for everyone that’s ordering “the old fashioned way” while keeping time with the app. This is particularly true during the lunch rush hour, and it’s making some business owners wonder if it’s possible for an ordering app to become too popular.

Though it is very reasonable to be concerned about the possibility of overextending yourself, the fact is that this really isn’t as big an issue as Starbucks has made it appear to be. The truth is that mobile ordering allowed the company to cut down waiting times significantly, which in turn meant that the coffee chain had to work to create more efficient coffee preparation protocols. Starbucks, thanks to the app, saw profits soar – even though they already were booming in popularity earlier on.

That being said, business owners who worry about having runaway popularity via online ordering definitely don’t need to be too worried. After all, mobile ordering apps will still only work in the local vicinity, and they allow business owners to stipulate how early one can order ahead, how far they are willing to deliver, and also possibly give clients a “heads up” about how long the wait will be. There is flexibility to online ordering, and experts believe that those safeguards can act like a safeguard for overburdened companies.

Additionally, studies overwhelmingly show that mobile ordering apps are incredibly profitable for businesses of all kinds. Restaurants that have mobile ordering apps, or allow online ordering, have seen profits bolstered by as much as 30%. If you want to grab more profit, then that means you will need to start looking into online orders.

Even if the fear of being a “victim of too much success” is there, you would be wise to try mobile ordering for yourself. If you aren’t sure mobile ordering is for you, call Red Payments. Our experienced counselors can help you determine whether this option is right for you, and also connect you with the technology you need to make it happen.