5 Ways E-Commerce Will Create More Jobs

category: News posted: July 18, 2017
5 Ways E-Commerce Will Create More Jobs

Retail, as everyone knows, is suffering major losses. Sears and many other major stores are shuttering doors across the country, simply because there are not enough in-person customers to warrant the store’s location. With news reports showing the issues that e-commerce has created, many people are beginning to wonder if it’s a job-killer. The truth is that e-commerce is anything but a job-killer...in fact, it creates jobs. Here’s how:

  1. More demand on a larger scale means better profits. More profits means that companies can hire more people – and also expand into different categories – without issue. The biggest issue people have is financing hires, and e-commerce can potentially remove that issue altogether.
  2. Moreover, there will still be a need for staff members to fulfill orders. Who will ship out goods to customers? E-commerce requires people who can ship things out, fulfill orders, and deliver the products to people. If what you’re selling is a service, then guess what – you will need people to do the service, too! E-commerce raises sales significantly, so either way, you’ll need more staff.
  3. The truth is that the demand is still there, but the method of delivery has changed. You no longer need a big store to wow customers; you just need the right website. This means lower costs, easier jobs, and of course, a lot more people to be able to cater to the wider demographics you attract. E-commerce rose by 370,000 last year, while retail lost 76,000 jobs in the same frame.
  4. Studies show e-commerce to pay better than retail. One study suggested that retail could pay as much as 30% less than e-commerce. So, it could be that we’re losing mediocre jobs and replacing them with better, full-time ones.
  5. Additionally, all that e-commerce is really doing, is helping small business owners gain enough traction to warrant a larger brick-and-mortar area. Retail isn’t going extinct, but it is In order to have enough money to afford rent, you will need a big client base – one that supports enough e-commerce to afford rent regularly.

If you are worried about being a bad boss, remember that e-commerce doesn’t mean that jobs are necessarily going to have to be lost. It can just help open your company to better profits .If you want to know more about e-commerce, give Red Payments a call. We can help you learn the basics and also get a platform of your own.