5 Good Reasons Why You Might Need A Cash Advance In The Upcoming Year

category: News posted: January 11, 2018

2017 wasn’t the greatest year for businesses, but it was one that offered a lot more promise than many. With 2018 off to a fresh start, most business owners are already thinking about new beginnings and new ways to stay strong. They are thinking about new ways to market their goods, new business contacts, and all sorts of promises.

Truth be told, most people do not go into a new year thinking about the possibility of having to take out a merchant cash advance – but they should. There’s a good chance you’ll need one in the upcoming year, even if things are great. Here are some of the reasons why you might need an advance in your upcoming year:

  1. You may have a surprise “dry month”. Dry months happen to just about every business model, and when that happens, they can dig into your operating costs or your personal savings. If you are having a month that hits below expectations, a cash advance can help keep your business alive when a traditional loan would take too long to obtain to be of any use.
  2. There may be a time when you need more money for expansion. 2018 may just be “your year”. A lot of businesses have used cash advances to expand their reach, or even just expand their storefront. If this year ends up being great for you, this may be a great reason to take out an advance.
  3. You might find a new business opportunity that you can’t pass up. You never know what the future may bring, and that includes new options in your business life. If opportunities arise, seizing them immediately can make or break the future of your company – and advances are fast enough to let you immediately get started.
  4. Or, if this year ends up causing a major problem in your business, an advance could save you. There have been many companies that only survived because of a merchant cash advance, especially when it comes to companies affected by natural disasters. In the event that your storefront gets serious damage, you might need an advance to hold you over until your insurance pays you.
  5. Then again, 2018 may be the year you actually start working on all the tweaks your company needed to be a streamlined machine. Cash advances do not have to be big, they just have to be big enough to be useful for you. Sometimes, you just need one in order to cover that small software fix you need – or to cover that one new purchase that’d make things so much easier. (You know the one we’re talking about.)

Part of being able to make sure that you do well for yourself this year is to work with a company that has merchant services which includes reasonable merchant cash advance rates – like Red Payments. Even if you don’t think you’re a “cash advance” kind of business, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you want to kick off this year right, give Red Payments a call, and let us be the cash advance safeguard your company needs.