6 Cool Things You Can Do With Clover Terminals

category: News posted: April 21, 2016
6 Cool Things You Can Do With Clover Terminals

Clover terminals are the most advanced, innovative POS terminals in the world. They can be customized to suit your needs, and can even be taken on the go. Though most of the reasons why business owners love Clovers have nothing to do with how “cool” they are, the fact is that it’s a terminal design that seems to pride itself on being neat, edgy, or otherwise unique. Here are some interesting, quirky, and surprisingly customer-friendly things you can do with a Clover terminal.

  1. You can allow patrons to donate to fundraisers. Are you a forward-thinking company that prides itself on raising money for good causes? Well, Clover can allow you to add donations onto customer’s bills and have it donated to the cause of your choice. All you have to do is download Donate Here to your Clover Mini.
  2. The Rovely app allows you to amp up your content marketing game. This killer app allows your customers to connect to your social media platforms, website, or email marketing campaign in a pinch. Set up is quick, and it’s nearly effortless for customers. It’s available on almost all Clover terminals.
  3. You can actually print out receipts with social media icons on them through Clover’s Social Branding app. It’s true. You can print receipts urging clients to check out your Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Getting social media likes and adds has never been easier – and you can even add incentives!
  4. You can also use Clover to host trivia night at a restaurant. The Trivia Night app gives you ample questions, supports an unlimited number of teams, and has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to keep score. How much cooler can it get?
  5. You can turn your receipts into fortune cookies. Ever feel like your receipt is just plain boring? Clover currently has two different apps that will print random fortunes and cool quotes on every receipt your customers have. If fortunes aren’t your thing, they also have an app that will print interesting events that happened during history at during the day of the purchase.
  6. Rockbot allows your customers to choose what music is played throughout your store. If you have a terminal with Rockbot, customers who have the Rockbot mobile app can help curate the music that’s being played in your store, bar, or restaurant. Advanced Rockbot media players also can handle video playing as well.

Though the primary focus of any business owner should be to look for a terminal that is secure, reliable, and capable of improving business as a whole, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding a little fun to the mix. With Clover, the basic functions of a great POS is already a given, so why not take advantage of some of the more fun aspects of this technology? Having a little fun will only help your business even more.