6 Things That Make Clover Terminals Great For Every Business

category: News posted: July 18, 2016
6 Things That Make Clover Terminals Great For Every Business

Clover has gained a strong reputation for being the best equipment in the world for merchant processing. It’s a company that is known for producing sturdy machinery fitted with high-security technology. It’s famous for offering business owners a slew of different ways to get payments from their clients. However, that’s not all that Clover does, nor are those simple reasons why so many business owners rely on Clover. Here’s six excellent reasons why Clover is the best – and why it will ALWAYS beat the rest.

  1. They are gorgeous. In terms of terminals that look beautiful in a store, you can’t get better than Clover. They are sleek, elegant, and often remind people of Apple products. In other words, they look just as good as they function. If you’re tired of having a credit card processor that looks ancient, then Clover is a great way to make your store look even more upscale.
  2. They allow you to accept almost every form of payment. They allow credit cards, debit cards, chipped cards, and even mobile payments without having to deal with buying new equipment. It’s even possible to accept PayPal through certain Clover terminals!
  3. They make e-commerce a breeze. Clover terminals also give you the opportunity to accept online orders through your terminal – and even make it a cinch to create your own online store. No coding knowledge is ever needed, and it’s just as secure as your actual retail space. You can even offer online discounts through Clover.
  4. Having Clover means scheduling is easier, too. Clover allows you to schedule your employees, track inventory, and even check out your merchant analytics through a number of different apps. Convenience is always just a touch away when you have a Clover terminal.
  5. Unlike other terminals companies, Clover offers a multitude of different terminal types. Need something that allows you to get credit card payments on the go? Go for Clover’s mobile phone terminal. Need something that gives you all the bells and whistles? Try out Clover’s top of the line stationary terminal. Need something basic? Well, Clover has a standard model as well.
  6. You can even modify them to make your company stand out even more. Clover’s awesome app market makes it easy to use your terminal to print out fun receipts, offer trivia night at your restaurant, and even create your own customer loyalty program. You get to choose how your company is presented through Clover – right down to what is printed on the receipt. Not many other terminals make it possible for that to happen.

The bottom line is that Clover is one of the only terminals that can really revolutionize the way you do business. It’s not only an investment in your company; it’s an investment in everything that you company does to make clients love you. If you’re ready to feel the difference of having a Clover terminal, it’s time to give Red Payments a call.