5 Reasons Why You Need To Check Out Clover’s App Market Before You Get A Terminal

category: News posted: September 30, 2016
Clover App's market

Choosing the right terminal can make a huge difference in your customers’ experience, your cost of running a business, and even your profit margin. Most business owners wrongly believe that a low cost terminal with only the basics is enough to handle a demanding business, but this just couldn’t be further from the truth. Clover proves this right – and also raises more questions that need to be addressed before you can make a decision on your terminal. We at Red Payments strongly suggest checking out Clover’s app marketplace before you make a terminal purchase decision. Here’s why...

  1. Just the sheer amount of functions you’ll see will drive home how useless low-end terminals really are in comparison to Clover. You will need a terminal in order to do business with a large percentage of your clients. Why not choose one that offers a lot of functionality while you’re at it?
  2. Not all apps work on all terminals. More basic terminals may not have the hardware needed to run certain apps, so if you are looking to integrate a slew of apps on a lower grade Clover, this can pose a problem. You might want to pick the apps you want, then choose the terminal that’s most compatible with your desired apps.
  3. You may find ways to reduce operating costs via apps. You may find an easier way to schedule things, keep track of items being sold, or even hold your own trivia night at your venue. By using apps, it’s possible to reduce operating costs significantly – and that will make your company’s profits soar.
  4. It can show you what a difference a single upgrade can make. Sometimes, those upgrades really do prove their worth through the app market. You might be surprised at what a single improvement to your terminal can do.
  5. Lastly, it shows why Clover is the best terminal out there. Most other terminals don’t have any apps or add-ons that allow them to do half of what Clover terminals can do. Clover is so advanced, so sophisticated that it actually has its own app marketplace. That’s why we sometimes call it the “iPhone of terminals.”

Clover’s app market is one of the most impressive in the mobile payments technology world, and it’s a huge testament to all the good that Clover can do for retail companies of all sizes. If you want to experience the full benefit of having a Clover terminal, we can make it happen. Call Red Payments today for a quick consultation about which Clover is right for you.