6 Ways To Avoid Major Problems With Your Client Base

category: News posted: February 17, 2017
6 Ways To Avoid Major Problems With Your Client Base

Though you may never actually see headlines about this, there are many companies that could have been Fortune 5000 award winners that ended up being shuttered due to a problem or two dealing with clients. Because many business owners don’t understand what their clients really want, many companies end up losing money due to the fact that they end up catering to the wrong group of people. If you want to avoid being one of the many companies that close their doors to the clients they care about, make sure to do these things.

  1. Get merchant analytics. Do you really understand who your clients are, or do you just think you know? The right merchant analytics package can help you uncover the truth about who your clients are, what they want from you, and what kind of advertising works best with them. Nothing quite helps more than seeing the legit numbers behind your business operations, after all.
  2. Listen if you hear customers complain. Sometimes, what you really need to do is listen to what customers are saying – even if it’s something you yourself don’t want to hear. For example, if you hear a lot of customers complaining about your company’s new layout, you may want to listen to what they’re telling you. Even if it’s not what you like to see, it’s important to see your customers happy.
  3. Don’t take customers for granted. If you act like your customers will always be around no matter what happens, you’re going to end up causing serious issues with them. Taking customers for granted, treating them poorly, or ignoring their requests is a surefire way to end up with slower business days and terrible online reviews.
  4. Offer them speed and convenience. No matter who your customers are, convenience and speed are two things they want to have. Faster checkout lanes and online ordering are the easiest ways to do it.
  5. Give them loyalty clubs. Loyalty cards and specialized clubs can help your customers have incentive to return to your venue. Studies show people who have loyalty memberships report better satisfaction rates and better spending rates than those who don’t. Thankfully, the right POS is great for this.
  6. If you do online advertising, avoid language that may be inflammatory. People today are way more sensitive than they used to be, especially when it comes to jokes. What you may think is funny may end up making your customers angry. Unless you’re okay with alienating your clients, you will work on avoiding bad remarks.

The bottom line is that the best way to improve client satisfaction is to listen to them, use common sense, and have the right tools at hand. Need the right tools to make things happen? Call Red Payments to talk to a consultant who can help you choose the right tools.