5 Cool Ways Online Ordering Can Work For Your Salon

category: News posted: March 01, 2017
5 Cool Ways Online Ordering Can Work For Your Salon

When it comes to having an e-commerce front, there are some industries that just never quite seem to fit in with the standard idea of how online ordering should work. After all, it’s not like the service industry always has a touchable, holdable product like retail does. But, just because you work in the service industry doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the luxury and profit-boosting power of online ordering platforms. In fact, there are few industries that know this better than the salon and spa industries. Salons across the country have found cool ways to use e-commerce to boost their businesses, and you can take advantage of their creative solutions too!

  1. Use your online ordering platform to book spa appointments in advance. Online ordering platforms can allow you to get advanced payments in exchange for booking in advance. In fact, some platforms even allow your clients to pick out a date and time on a calendar and get a confirmation as part of the transaction. Why field calls when it can be done online?
  2. Allow your guests to order your own house spa supplies online. Sometimes, clients just can’t make it to your spa and they’ll miss your awesome products. A good way to keep them in the loop and turn a profit would be to allow them to buy your spa’s products online. All you have to do is mail them out at the end of the day, and you’re good to go!
  3. Give your clients the magic of online gift card ordering for their next big event. Online gift cards are a very big trend in the service industry. If you want to help your clients give friends the gift of beauty, doing this is often the easiest way to handle it.
  4. Boost customer loyalty by using online orders to market new services to them. Studies have shown that well-planned email campaigns can and do work. If you have a client base that regular orders emails, having a built in prompt may help remind people of great sales, improve client turnout, and also give them a level of interactivity most salons won’t offer.
  5. Improve on your actual advertising campaigns just by having an online store. SEO is a very efficient way at getting your salon noticed by new clients – moreso than Groupon, in some cases. By having some online presence, even if it’s via a mobile-friendly platform, you’re winning extra attention from potential customers.

Overall, it’s hard not to enjoy the many perks of having an online store, and online stores are very affordable if you know where to look. If you want to start up your own e-commerce site, give Red Payments a call.