5 Ways To Make Your Business Millennial-Friendly

category: News posted: March 13, 2017
5 Ways To Make Your Business Millennial-Friendly

Millennials are notoriously picky when it comes to the businesses that they choose to frequent. These days, it’s no longer good enough to just have a good product. In order to attract Millennials, you need to have the right technology and the right storefront. If you want to attract this wealthy crowd of people to you, you’re going to need to know what they like. Here’s what experts are saying tends to work with Millennial groups.

  1. Get a cool store layout. For Millennials, ambiance is just as important as the product. If the store looks shabby, they’ll notice...and they’ll avoid you. Image is important to Millennials, to the point that good stores can tank simply due to bad décor. Make your store look good, and you’ll have a better chance at targeting them.
  2. Boost your online presence via an e-commerce platform. E-commerce is a huge, huge deal among Millennials. Most people under the age of 35 do not want to actually have to call in a delivery order or take a trip to a venue in order to book services. By having e-commerce, you gain a much-needed online presence and also let Millennials order the way they want to order.
  3. Improve your turnout with loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are easy to implement and also are known for boosting profits as much as 10%. This trick has been known to help businesses, even if they aren’t geared towards Millennials.
  4. Get a better idea of what your particular clique likes via merchant analytics. A good merchant analytics kit can help you learn about what your clients prioritize, how to reach them best, and also what products your clients love the most. When you have the raw data in front of you, it’s hard to actually make a mistake in your business plans.
  5. Offer mobile payments and delivery. If you are a retail store or a restaurant, both of these items are must. Millennials, if nothing else, are very convenience-focused. If you can offer them the opportunity to enjoy their goodies without having to schlep all the way to the store, they will often give it a shot. Moreover, since Millennials are often attached to their phones, this tends to work out well, too.

Even if you are a company that really treasures your older client base, it’s always wise to reach out to make your stores friendlier to the newer generation. If you need help connecting to your clients, call Red Payments. We can help teach you how to boost profits through the right technology and put your profits into high gear!