MasterCard Has Paired Up With Oracle

category: News posted: March 20, 2017
MasterCard Has Paired Up With Oracle

With over 50% of all online shopping being done via mobile device, merchants and major groups can no longer ignore the demands that people are putting on mobile technology. This is one of the biggest reasons why the Mobile World Congress has become such a popular convention for people who work in mobile tech.

During 2017 Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, the hottest topic of the year was definitely mobile payments technology. It was at this major convention that major credit card issuer let out some news that took everyone by surprise: MasterCard was going to work with major IT giant Oracle to create smoother mobile payment systems in the near future.

The movement, which will be focused on creating more streamlined mobile payments for hospitality companies and retailers, comes only months after Oracle announced it has bought MICROS. According to a spokesperson at the convocation, the payments options comes in lieu of the new vanguard of apps used to order from restaurants via mobile phone.

“There are a lot of apps that restaurants have that are focused on showing consumers the menu with maybe some order-head. What our partnership makes possible is those apps then have more features: split the bill, open a tab, pay at table. The key thing that makes the partnership sing is the software platform is the backbone of the operations,” he explained.

What’s even more amazing about this is that it allows customers to open up tickets as they’d appear in the retail or restaurant’s terminal system. Everything can get synced up, leaving absolutely no guesswork to figure out where orders may have arisen. The end result for customers and merchants are a seamless transition with the lowest wait times possible.

The brand new partnership and the potential of new mobile technology has not gone unnoticed – especially by members of the highly demanding field of hospitality. High end restaurant groups such as Wagamama, Geronimo’s Pubs, Carluccio’s, and Young & Co’s Brewery have already expressed interest in buying the brand new technology.

Having the right mobile technology can add brand new layers of service and ease to your clients and staff members alike. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need new mobile payments technology, you may want to speak to a qualified professional who can advise you on the best moves for your company.